We believe you can reach your business objectives through clear communication across languages and cultures whilst understanding and exceeding your clients’ expectations.
Through smart use of language technology and professional translations you can gain competitive advantage and grow your business.

Transenter’s Translations and Localization division will support you with comprehensive services in following domains:

  • high-quality translations with reduced turnaround time,
  • solutions to maximize the reusability of your linguistic assets,
  • optimal protection of your files in the translation process resulting in decreased risk of data breaches and content leaks.

Our Language Technology division, with highly skilled computational linguists, will support your interaction with international customers through a range of applications. We can help you to solve the business problem with exploitation of un-structured data or information access (i.e. document database, social media content, large amounts of unstructured information from medical research etc.).
We will deploy dedicated translation engines to quickly understand messages in foreign languages and analyze them in real time.

If you are interested in differentiating yourself from your competitors through modern translation service or enhancing customers experience through language technology please call our Amsterdam office +31 20 808 1509

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